What’s this Fusion?

Fusion is an approach to creating bespoke tabletop roleplaying games that believes in mashing. It also believes in using a bit of science but I’m afraid there are no actual nuclear reactions involved in this kind of fusion. Take all the systems you’ve ever learned as a GM/DM (that’s games master or dungeon master if you are roleplaying game naieve) and what if you could extract the best bits of them all? If this doesn’t excite you at all you may well be looking at a site that’s not for you! What if you could combine them together into a coherent whole? What if this, when coupled with the preferences of your role-playing group was added into a custom-built world.  Then you borrow from the best of the rest for scenarios, campaigns and so on.

What have you got? A fusion approach to table-top RPG. This is a developmental blog/meta-commentary that shows you the creation of a mash-up RPG game system and world. It may end up showing you the whole thing, but there’s some copyright issues of the material mashed involved in that. This blog is about mashing RPG’s. It does plan to publish the final material but not without the agreed consent of identified authors of already published material. If you are the author of material that you believe is mashed in this RPG please contact Fusion’s commander in chief, Docfusion, via the who writes this drivel contact page.

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