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The Gnomish Inventor: Markoni




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Introducing Burlinthearm of Lankhmar: Original Character Artwork

Having had a day off work I’ve been very productive working on my art portfolio. I’m trying to kill multiple birds with a single stone by starting my new portfolio with character art of my DMC’s. Here’s my impression of the Mercenary Merchant Burlinthearm of Lankhmar, character sheet to follow. I used a combination of media, pencil, ink pens, felt-tip, acrylic paint on heavy weight cartridge paper (140gsm). Even so it’s buckled because I didn’t originally plan this on being a painted piece but that’s how it evolved. I was inspired by a combination of Burli being like Brian Blessed (Gordon’s Alive!??) and Henry VIII. The hat is a recent purchase, and adorned with a curious feather of some kind of exotic bird. Burli got his scar in a recent fracas with unlicensed thief types.

Burlinthearm of Lankhmar giving his trademark grin. He's outside one of the many seedy bars in the City.

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Original Concept Sketch for Amberrh

Here’s the original concept sketch I did for Amberrh my DMC pint-pot barbarian princess from the Cold Wastes. She’s a pint-pot of fury, so don’t go upsetting her. I have a figure for her which is devoid of kilt, so I’m having to rethink her design as I like my RPG figures to match the character as far as possible. Once I have a new piccy of Amberrh I’ll pop her up onto the blog for general perusal. She’s a feisty girl!

Amberrh of the Cold Wastes

You can see that I’ve gone for a sort of scottish look with the tartan kilt, sporran (thats where the smerduks live), a broadsword carried in scabbard so she can fight with it in or out of the scabbard as needed. She wearing an open-faced plate helm which is basically a roman-type style. Then she also has a ringmail hauberk, with leather underneath of course. Bare legs, and a set of stout socks, with a belt-knife tucked in the socks. Finished off with hob-nail boots. And the obligatory cloak.

This is taken from my  DM’s “little-black-book” of rules, and is part of where I’ve figured out the encumbrance calculations rubrics for Hydra – hence the title in the top right.  She’s only 4’3″ can you believe it? So not part of the towering barbarian tribe of the north that Fafhrd is from, but from another tribe I think.

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An Example Hydra Character – Amberrh the Barbarian Princess

This is one of the DMC’s, published in the hydra version 1.0 character sheet. Amberrh is the first character I rolled whilst developing hydra so she’s very dear to me. She’s a little pint-pot northern barbarian princess. Underestimate her at your peril because she’s a demon with her fists and feet. Not to mention she is mega charismatic and a barbarian babe.

This is published as if it were a player character, so in the way PC’s record their characters rather than the guts n all DM version. I’m very happy with my logo btw, the image is a medieval picture of – uh – an hydra!

amberrh of the north

Here is the first character ever generated with hydra version 1.0 - my DMC Amberrh!

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Protected: DMC Cast List for the Lankhmar Campaign 2010

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