What’s Roleplaying?

Ah yes well ok. Let’s address this question firmly and with no pushing or shoving at the back whilst I talk shall we? Ok good. One thing I can do is point you towards a good site of discussion for what roleplaying is and it’s here at: http://forums.geekbox.net/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1136. I do take part in that forum yes, and yes it is ‘the geekbox’. I’m known as ‘drbinofski’ on that¬† site so you can easily hunt out my posts and marvel at my loquacious stupidity if you will, and yes of course there is a reason for that moniker, and no I’m not going to divulge it now. Please do give it a rest.

Roleplaying is in this context a kind of game, played with dice, bits of paper, people, gaming ‘figures’, imagination, excitement, maps, coffee usually, booze often, generally in a home setting and sharing a ‘tabletop’. Hence ‘tabletop’ rpgs – role playing games. You play a role, it’s a game, there’s a table involved. Nuff said, now surely we can all go home now? No, oh blast – well look go back to the link above click it, read about it, then come back if you must and ask me for more explanation, but really it’s all there.

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